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제목 [AARS] ACRS2020 온라인 개최 안내
작성자 사무국 등록일 2020-08-11
11월 9일~11일, 중국 Deqing에서 개최 예정인 ACRS2020이 온라인 개최됨을 안내드립니다.
자세한 사항은 행사홈페이지 www.ACRS2020.cn 를 참고하여 주시기 바랍니다.

Dear AARS Members,

I hope you are doing well under the COVID-19 crisis.
The ACRS2020 is approaching. For the passed few months,AARS Council members have been discussing
about the organization of ACRS2020 in China under the corona virussituation.

Finally we have agreed to organize ACRS2020 online from November 9 - 11, 2020 in Deqing, China.
This will be our first trial of this kind in the 41years history of ACRS. We know that it is not so easy.

However considering the latest situation of COVID-19, we think that this is the best way to organize ACRS2020.

The Local Organizing Committee of China mainly consisted of CNCRS members is working hard for the preparation.
For more details, please visit


I would like to ask you for your kind understanding and contribution.

Best regards,
Kohei Cho
General Secretary


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